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At REFocusMaps, we believe there currently exist three major sticking points in the Real Estate investing process. Whether you are a house flipper, a wholesaler, or you are just getting started, three things are critical:

Finding Deals

You need to find deals if you are going to be successful. Deals now may come from all over the place... wholesalers, realtors, MLS, other investors, attorneys, mail campaigns, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see all your leads in one place?

Evaluating Deals

Evaluating deals can make or break you. It can be devastating if you miss an after repair value estimate or underestimate your rehab costs. REFocusMaps puts all the tools you need in one place so you can accurately and efficiently sort the good deals from the bad.

Promoting Deals

Once you’ve locked down your next home run investment, chances are you will have to promote it. If you are flipping the property, you may need to promote the deal to your potential lenders. If you are a wholesaler, you will need to promote the deal to as many other investors as possible.

Current Features
Upload and Visualize Property Data Upload and view property data the way it was meant to be seen, on a map.
FAST Parse and save thousands of data points in just minutes.
FLEXIBLE Customize how the data is imported to ensure your analysis is fast and efficient.
FOOLPROOF Our Data Import feature is designed for straightforward and easy use.
Custom Maps Create and save maps of your key target areas.
EVALUATE Using our robust mapping features, evaluating deals will be easier than ever before.
VISUALIZE Visualize property details to speed up analysis and learn about the market you're working in.
CONVENIENCE Save your map so you can pick up right where you left off.