We believe there currently exist three major sticking points in the Real Estate investing process. Whether you are a house flipper, a wholesaler, or you are just getting started, three things are critical…

Our goal at REFocusMaps is to make real estate investing easier and more accessible to everyone by providing a one stop shop for finding, evaluating, and promoting real estate deals along with any other investing needs you may have.

Our Story

Starting as a real estate investment company in 2015, we invested primarily in flips with the addition of a couple rental properties.  Over the last few years we bought, renovated, and sold a total of 12 houses in the Metro Detroit area, primarily in Royal Oak and the surrounding cities.  We also ended up buying a total of 3 properties for rental cash flow.

Over that time period, we found and learned to use a variety of tools, scattered across the internet, to help us find, evaluate, and promote our investments.  In total, we ended up using about 7 different sites for finding our investment opportunities, about 10 sites and other tools to evaluate our investments, and 7 or so sites and tools to promote our investments.

After going through the process of finding a group of investment opportunities, evaluating them all to filter out the bad ones, putting offers in on the good ones, and then promoting the deals if we got them, it became abundantly clear to us that this process was extremely fragmented and broken.  Not only was it exhausting and cumbersome to go through all of these tools to make sure that we were making a good investment, it was also very difficult to keep our processes straight and keep our brains from becoming scattered and fried.

There had to be a better solution.

We spent many hours scouring the internet, trying out a variety of tools and systems, but nothing seemed to work quite right.  Many tools seemed to solve only parts of the equation, and those that claimed to do it all either misrepresented or did it very poorly.

With a strong background in programming and problem solving, we decided to just build the tool we needed ourselves.

We started building REFocusMaps in November, 2017.  It began as an internal tool to speed up the process of finding comparable properties and evaluating after repair values.  It has since evolved into something more.

A couple months into development we had a prototype up and running.  We then realized that there was a lot more potential in the application than just finding comps and evaluating after repair values.  In February, 2018, we made the decision to put flipping houses on hold and dedicate all of our resources to REFocusMaps with the intent of making it public in the coming months.

Since the conception of the idea, REFocusMaps has taken on a life of its own.  The vision for the application is now much bigger than we could have imagined when we started.  We have been working diligently for the last several months to make REFocusMaps into the best all in one real estate investing platform available.

We are happy to announce that REFocusMaps is now in public beta and fully functional nation wide.

We have come a long way since November, 2017, and look forward to continued growth and expansion.   New versions are being released approximately every month with new features and improvements in every release.  We are dedicated to making your job in real estate investing easier and more streamlined.

Our mission is to make real estate investing more accessible to those just starting out, and easier than ever before to those who are already on their real estate investing journey.


Robyn Mueller

  • 40+ years of progressive experience in finance within banks, financial institutions and corporations
  • Degree in finance and accounting
  • 20-year career with Merrill Lynch ($14B) with over $100 Million under her management as a financial consultant
  • Has been Series 7 licensed and a registered options principal at Merrill Lynch

Austin Mueller

  • 7+ years as a Sr. Software Developer
  • 7+ years of experience in starting and running businesses
  • 3+ years of experience in real estate investing and flipping houses
  • 15 houses flipped and or renovated for rental
  • Licensed general contractor in the state of Michigan

Maynard Neal

  • 20+ years as a Real Estate Agent
  • 5+ years as a Broker/Market Center Director
  • 8+ years experience investing and renting homes
  • 15+ years experience of owning and managing businesses