After months of hard work, REFocusMaps now supports live MLS data for the state of Michigan!!

Why are we so excited about this?

Update 0.4.0 (Live MLS) marks the biggest and most significant update for REFocusMaps yet.

As the title suggests, REFocusMaps is now able to display real time market data for the state of Michigan thanks to Realcomp.  This means that you can view accurate and up to date information straight from the MLS about active, pending, and sold listings up to 5 years back.  This data, combined with the powerful built in analysis tools REFocusMaps offers, makes the new REFocusMaps an indispensable tool for both new and experienced real estate investors alike.

Update Details

While working on integrating live MLS into REFocusMaps, we also took the time to significantly update some other parts of the application as well.  We did a total makeover on the main Map page making it more intuitive and much more powerful for everyone.

Along with the Map page makeover we also totally re-designed the Filters window and Property Info window, both of which are now easier to use.  The Filters window now features 3 sections, Active filters, Quick Filters, and Advanced Filters.  The Active Filters section is where all of the currently applied filters will be listed.  In this section, you are able to easily edit and remove filters as you see fit.  Quick Filters provides many of the filter options that you will probably use on a regular basis, such as filtering by price, square footage, beds, baths, etc.  This section is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.  The Advanced Filters section was actually modeled off of the previous filtering methods and provides some extremely powerful and dynamic ways of filtering properties.  Advanced Filters will allow you to filter properties by almost anything, for example, you can filter out properties within a certain proximity to a location, you can filter properties by school district, or even filter properties by architecture style.

After the re-design of the Property Info window, you can now find out almost anything about a property.  The Property Info window now contains pictures, public remarks, information about the listing, information about the property and interior features, information about exterior features, neighborhood and location information, and finally tax and legal information.

Subscriptions have also been completely re-designed to be more dynamic.  This subscription structure is designed to feel more ‘a la carte’ and is very reasonably priced.  Subscriptions to premium features range in price between only $10 and $25 and some even have different pricing tiers so you can get the most out of REFocusMaps without taking a big chunk out of your wallet!

Finally, with all these updates, we also updated the support page to reflect all of the changes we have made.  We want you to be spending time on investing, not trying to figure out how to use a new program!

A Final Note

One final note to mention about this update… Registration for REFocusMaps is now 100% free!! 

To sign up, just head over to our application page and let us know what you think!