Update 0.4.1 Is Here!

This is only a minor update, but does include some good usability updates and other tweaks to make REFocusMaps even better than before.

The biggest addition in this version is brand new tutorials and videos for the support page!  This includes a getting started video and video tutorials on how to find comps for both flips and rentals using REFocusMaps.  To take a look at these, simply head to the Support page after you have logged into the application.

Other Updates Include…

You can now sort properties by list date while on the Map page.  On the Map page, you will see the data table header “List Date”.  Just click on List Date to sort properties by most recently listed.

The Save Map window was made slightly bigger to improve usability.

There were a couple bugs in the Map page that had to do with map markers being displayed.  Those bugs were fixed.

REFocusMaps now remembers the last place you were looking at so when you leave and come back, you can pick up right where you left off.

Coming Soon In 0.4.2

0.4.2 should be out in a few weeks and there will be lots of updates to look forward to.

Slotted for 0.4.2 we have the ability to customize fields displayed in the data table on the Map page.  Not interested in seeing Sold Date?  Just go to Map Settings and hide it!  Additionally, we plan to add the option to see pictures in the property list view, making it even easier to quickly find what you are looking for.

We plan to further improve usability for Quick Comp making it even more powerful than it is now.

We are going to loosen those pesky password restrictions that we all hate.

And finally, we are going to add property history to the Property Info window!  You will be able to see transaction history for properties back to 2012!  This one has been in the making for quite some time now, so we are excited to release it!