Update 0.4.2 Is Here!

Update 0.4.2 is a minor update and includes some good usability updates and other tweaks to make REFocusMaps even better than before.

The biggest updates in this version are to the Quick Comp feature, and the Map page.  We have made some major improvements to the way that Quick Comp works making it even smarter than before.  After inputing the details on the property you want to find comps for, Quick Comp will now dynamically adjust the search parameters to find as many closely matching comps as possible.  On the Map page, the table view columns are now fully customizable.  Just click on the Map Settings button and select which columns you would like to see and which you would like to hide.

There were a couple updates that, unfortunately, had to be pushed back to 0.4.3 due to marketing timelines.  Those updates included the option to see property pictures in the map table view and property histories in the Property Info Window.

Other Updates Include…

  • We have finally loosened those pesky password complexity restrictions!
  • We fixed the bug related to Promo Code case sensitivity on the registration page.
  • There were a couple display bugs that were fixed in the visualizations window and on the Map page.

Log in now to check it out!

Coming Soon In 0.4.3

0.4.3 should be out in a few weeks and there will be some pretty significant updates to look forward to.

Slotted for 0.4.3…

  • The option to see property pictures in the property list view, making it even easier to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • The addition of property histories to the Property Info Window. You will be able to see transaction history for properties back to 2012!
  • More improvements to Quick Comp.
  • Automatic Rehab Cost Estimator for selected properties!
  • The ability to visualize rehabbed and distressed properties.