Update 0.4.3 Is Here!

Update 0.4.3 is a minor update and includes some good usability updates and other tweaks to make REFocusMaps even better than before.

Property history is now available in the More Info window!  Just select a property and click on the ‘More Info’ button.  You will find property listing history at the bottom of the window.

Searched addresses and proximity filters are now marked on the map with a star!  This makes it quicker and easier to reference where you searched for or where your proximity filter is located.

You can now visualize and filter by the REFocusMaps Distress Score and ownership age.  A low Distress Score indicates that the property was likely flipped or well maintained and a high Distress Score indicates that the property is likely in need of repairs.  Ownership age measures the amount of time since the last sale of the property.

Other updates include minor usability updates and bug fixes.

Log in now to check it out!


Coming Soon…

Our next update will be primarily focused on speed and usability.  We have noticed that, while trying to load highly active or dense areas, REFocusMaps can take a while to receive and render all of the properties.  Our aim is to significantly speed this up with the next update.